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The person I spoke with regarding my pregnancy was very helpful and cheerful. She made me feel welcomed.
— patient in for pregnancy testing

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After providing you with a diagnosis of a pregnancy and crisis intervention counseling it is the policy of our clinic that you be referred to another physician for prenatal care. We will provide you with a list of physicians who will be able to offer prenatal care to you during the remainder of your pregnancy.



  • Bleeding greater than your typical menstrual period

  • Cramping pain in your pelvis, lower back, or abdomen

  • A gush of warm liquid from your vagina

  • The passage of true tissue (not just blood clots)

  • Severe pain centered on one side of the abdomen or pelvis

  • Lightheadedness, dizziness, or blackouts

  • Abnormally low blood pressure



  • Every day eat nutritious foods to improve you chances of having a healthy baby.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables—5 to 9 servings.

  • Protein (such as chicken, turkey, pork, lean beef, nuts, eggs, beans and tofu) – 2 to 3 servings.

  • Whole-grain cereals, breads and brown rice—8 servings.

  • Dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese—3 to 4 servings.

  • Healthy oils like olive and canola, or those found in foods with omega-3 fatty acids (salmon or herring). But ask your health care professional about eating fish during pregnancy.

  • Limit processed foods such as white bread or rice, boxed or frozen meals, fast and fried foods, and sugary items like juice, soda and candy.

  • Be careful not to overeat. You only need about 300 additional calories per day to nourish your baby; that is about a glass of milk & a sandwich.

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  • Moderate exercise during pregnancy will not cause a miscarriage.

  • Pregnancy is not the time to start a strenuous program, but aim for 30 minutes of walking, stationary bicycling or swimming every day, or a class designed specifically for pregnant moms.

  • Talk with your caregiver about specific recommendations if you like to lift weights for exercise. “Exercise During Pregnancy: What You Can Do for a Healthy Pregnancy,”