Endowment funds


Endowment Funds

What is it?

  • Gifts to an endowment fund are NEVER spent.

  • The assets of endowment funds are invested and managed professionally.

  • A portion of the earnings from an endowment fund are used for grant making.

  • The Life Choices Medical Clinic Endowment Fund is one of 200 endowments of the Community Foundation.

What are the advantages?

  • Endowment funds are permanent, regardless of the economic climate.

  • Your gift is an investment that will grow and benefit the community in perpetuity.

  • Donations to an endowment fund at the Community Foundation are tax deductible.

What can be given?

  • You can give now with cash, stocks, real estate, retirement plan assets, etc.

  • Name the Community Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

  • A bequest by will is a very popular form of giving.

  • A charitable lead trust helps build a charitable fund during the trust's term.

Life Choices Medical Clinic Endowment Fund

(Formerly, Central Michigan Pregnancy Services/H.O.P.E Medical Endowment Fund)

As young people navigate the sexual minefields of the 21st century, it is important that they are equipped and empowered to make choices that will have a positive impact upon their lives and the lives of generations to follow. We believe that young people armed with truth and knowledge will develop the skills and discipline to avoid sexual pressure. These same abilities will also equip them to effectively avoid alcohol, drugs, and delinquency and become contributing members of society and healthy adults.

After much prayer we have established a permanently endowed fund through the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation, named Life Choices Medical Clinic Endowment Fund with a goal of raising $1,000,000. Not only will this fund be permanent, it will ensure that the culture and values of Life Choices Medical Clinic can be passed on through generations and that we will remain here, sharing truth in God’s love to those we serve.

The name of this endowment, Central Michigan Pregnancy Services/H.O.P.E Medical Endowment Fund, has been changed to Life Choices Medical Clinic Endowment Fund to reflect the new name of our organization. All donations previously given to the H.O.P.E. Medical Fund are being held within the current Life Choices Medical Clinic Fund.

By supporting the Life Choices Medical Clinic Endowment Fund, established in 2014, not only will you support the current programs, but you will also make possible the addition of free Sexually Transmitted Disease testing and treatment. Life Choices Medical Clinic provides professional and caring medical services by trained, licensed, and highly qualified staff under the direction of medical directors, Michelle Monticello M.D. and Constanza Fox M.D.

We encourage you to consult your own professional financial advisor/lawyer if you should need instruction about this way of giving. We are blessed to have an attorney who is willing to provide his services pro bono if you should desire to contact him. James C. Higgs, Attorney; Attorney from Stein & Higgs, PLLC (989) 772-4894. You may also contact Amanda Schafer from the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation at (989) 773-7332.

We are excited to share that we have already received pledges and money from friends of Life Choices of upwards of $250,000. Our entire staff and the Executive Board of Directors believe strongly in the endowment and they have also given their support to the Life Choices Medical Clinic Endowment Fund. 

For more giving information please call the office at (989) 773-6008. Thank you for your continued support.

Life Choices Parenting Programs Fund

(Formerly, Central Michigan Earn While You Learn Fund)

Since its inception in 2001, our parenting programs have served thousands of families in need of parenting lessons and baby supplies. In 2006, Naomi and Jim Stark established the Central Michigan Pregnancy Services - Earn While You Learn Fund. Our program is designed to equip parents to handle the struggles that often come with parenting. Parents have an opportunity to attend one-on-one or group lessons and earn credits in the form of Baby Bucks, all while learning valuable parenting lessons. They may then use their Baby Bucks to purchase baby and toddler items, diapers, and other essential items in our Joyful Beginnings Baby Boutique. 

The absence of positive parenting has a direct impact upon our entire community and our young families we serve are at great risk for added pregnancies, delinquency, depression and suicide. Many of the families we serve are young, pregnant and/or with small children who have never experienced what good or even adequate parenting is like. Our goal is to educate the young parents who find support through our programs, and break the cycle of neglect, abuse, or future unwanted pregnancies. In 2015 our parenting programs served almost 100 families using over 200 different lessons. Life Choices of Central Michigan Parenting Programs accepts referrals from local physicians, county health departments, churches, court systems, and through individual recommendations. Our hope for this endowment is that it will grow to one day financially maintain our valuable parenting programs. By being fully funded, more time could be spent in serving the families who come to us for help and less time raising the resources that enable us to serve those who need our assistance.